Dj Raiden, Raw hardstyle DJ


Hi there, let’s introduce myself…

I’m Shareena Jacobs aka Raiden, a (Raw) Hardstyle DJ from the Netherlands.

Early 2007 I went on a on a mission to Afghanistan and my roommates were always playing Hardstyle music when they were off duty. That’s how my love for Hardstyle started to grow.

Although the seed was planted in 2007, my first festival experience was a couple of years later at Mysteryland. The moment I saw the stage, the people and the DJ’s, I knew that this was it. I wanted to be a part of this scene.

The vibe was incredible, the music was intense, the people were amazing. Such a unity for the music we love the most. From that moment on I was determined to become a DJ.

I always say, work hard play hard. If you really want it, you can do it! Never give up on your dreams!

In 2014 I had my first gig at Dream Village. Q-Base, Ground Zero, Daylight Festival, Intents Festival and many more followed.

But the biggest high light in my short career was a booking in Australia. I was privileged to have 2 gigs in Brisbane and Sydney. So actually that was a dream come true.

But I have more dreams. The dream to play at the main stages of the biggest Hardstyle parties out there but the most important thing for me is to influent and reach other people with my music. To touch their hearts like it touched mine.

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