Rapper Mohiem

My name is Mohamed Doudouh, a.k.a. Mohiem.

Age 11 I crossed the path of music, music by no one less than my very own brother. He was 17 at the time and made RAP-music. I would still play his music over and over again: I was so impressed, my brother making music!, GOOD music even.

This was the deal: whenever he was out, I would use his PC and record his texts in another kind of beat. He would listen and give me feedback. He stopped making music eventually and as for me, I got more and more involved with music.

I am 24 years old now, married and I am father of a gorgeous daughter. Still into music. I faced ups and downs in my career, but I am still there and lately things are really prosperous.

I won’t give up, I have my pride and care a lot about my honour. In fact, I am here to win !


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