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Ivan Mauloed Utopia Winnaar


CONDAMN meets Ivan Mauloed.

Both Strength and Perseverance. A few of the many good characteristics describing this Lion.                                                                                                                                        Ivan’s personal motivation quote “ I see no challenges, only opportunities “ is one of the many reasons why we immediately took a chance meeting this Young Professional and Utopian 2015.

His story in a nutshell:

Age 11 he fled with his family to Europe and finally settled in the Netherlands. Up till this day he has worked very hard, not evading challenges. He strives to make his dreams and goals come true.

Intermediate and Higher Vocational Education and on top of that a Master International Business (Robert Gordon University): an excellent foundation to keep on building his very own Utopia: this goal chaser started his career as a freelance Logistics Consultant and a professional Marketer.

Participating for 21 months in the TV program Utopia taught him a lot about himself. As for his motivation to participate in the program: self-discovery and self-development, this challenge to build a ‘world’ of his own and reaching his personal goals.

Finally, at the very end of this journey, he left with an enormous mental baggage: a clear self-image and self-esteem, having reached his goals, even more motivation and inspiration and last but never least all these fantastic, great and amazing friendships he could have built. Ivan looks back on all this with pride and joy.

He so earned this title ‘ Utopian of the Year’ ! 

We already mentioned Opportunities. Ivan kept seeing these, even after the Utopia-adventure.

He developed new plans for the future and worked on his business plan, resulting in a Barbershop ofhis own in the town of Utrecht: “ Brother’s Barber Shop “ , a nice new adventure. Ivan is setting his mind on building successful companies in order to help other people reaching their goals and dreams.

CONDAMN enjoyed this inspirational, motivating and most welcoming meeting in his wonderful new Barbershop, located at the Amsterdamsestraatweg in Utrecht. This young and combative Lion screams all that CONDAMN stands for!

CONDAMN is pretty sure about this: this young man balances family, faith, ambition and entrepreneurship very well. He will bring about many more spectacular things and will not stop until he has reached all his dreams!

We want to wish Ivan good luck with his return in the tv program Utopia. And for us you definitely are already the Utopian of 2018!

Be fearless! Be a goal chaser!


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