Meet Chaimadame passionate streetsoccer freestyle legend

chaimadame freestyle lioness panna soccer voetbal

We from team Condamn had the privilage to work with this very special guest. 

A person who really performs where CONDAMN stands for. And truly  IS a lioness!

Meet Chaima Benbouazza a.k.a Chaimadame.                                                                  

A very talented and driven young lioness with amazing skills and devotion for street soccer. And the only female member of the Los Barrenderos squad.

Streetsoccer is what she loves and is her greatest passion. Her goal is to inspire the young, the old, boys and girls with her amazing street soccer skills.

Even though she still wants to keep developing herself and want to learn even more,     She truly is a feared contender in the panna cage. With a drive to defeat all her opponents with her very quick footwork, tricks and moves.

Her motto: ''If you can't stop thinking about it, than you should never stop working for it. dreams come true"

We can confirm that this power women attacks her goals with great discipline and commitment. And we had a great day shooting the video and working with this lovely, motivated and fearless power women. Who did not wanted to stop until it was perfect!

This is a women you do not want to lose out of sight if you are a street soccer fan. Or searching for someone to look up to. And we believe and know that she is going to achieve all her goals and be even a bigger star than she already is! 

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